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    releases October 25, 2021

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English Civil War
Ghosts From The Past Are Appearing At The Margins
Pop 03:51
My grandfather rose late and dozed through the day. He wheezed himself upright each morning, coughing and spluttering into life like an old diesel engine in a dumper truck. He spent his days alternately smoking, choking and napping, sat in a dining room chair with his head resting on one upright forearm, his thumb behind his ear which helped him to hear, he claimed. He had worked in the Power Station, where the dust he continuously inhaled had invaded his lungs and was now slowly choking him to death. He didn’t speak of the Power Station much, outside telling us he’d got my Dad an apprenticeship there, and that he’d preferred the Merchant Navy and to get him a cup of tea. He was drinking his tea when he lifts his head. “Go and get us some fags, my lover”. He pushes a 50 pence piece across the table towards me. “Nine bob for a packet of fags. Bloody world’s gone mad.” He scowls. My mum looks over at him. “You don’t have to smoke, Pop” she says. He blanks her. She might as well have said you don’t have to breathe, even though the act of breathing is such an effort for him. Like he’s going to listen to his daughter-in-law anyway. She raises her eyebrows, shakes her head and turns into the kitchen. He smiles at me and winks. “Can’t clear my chest without a fag” he chuckles to himself more than me, “it’s almost medicine for me”. His Bristolian twang rises through his nicotine-stained fingers. “I’ll go in a bit, Pop”. “Well, don’t leave it too late, I’ve only got 2 left”. I push the 50p coin into my pocket and pull on my trainers. Outside, it’s a skip down the side of the house and a jump over the back fence into the world. Running down the wall alongside the steps, leap down to round the corner of the pub, and along into the newsagents. I think there was a soundtrack running in my head even then, music accompanying the action of getting me old Grandad some fags.
At The Point Of Suture
The Girl In The Park
Interlude: A Girl
A Shade Perhaps Or A Shadow
Crossroads 03:54
A thousand years before the Long Barrow, three thousand years before Christ, five thousand years before now, in Mesopotamia they worshipped a goddess called Inanna. There is a poem, Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld (another Hell, this one called Kur) which tells the story of Inanna visiting Kur, where her sister Ereshkigal is queen. Inanna wants to steal Ereshkigal’s powers, but Ereshkigal orders each of the 7 gates of Kur bolted, and Inanna is told she must remove an item of clothing to unbolt each gate. Finally, she appears in front of the 7 judges of the Underworld, naked and powerless, and they declare her guilty and strike her dead. Her naked body is hung on a hook for everyone in the Underworld to see. She is revived and rescued by Galatura and Kuryara sent by the god of wisdom, Enki, but the Gallu (7 demons who dragged people off to Kur) followed her out, insisting that she needed to be replaced in Hell. They eventually took her husband, Dumuzid. Syncretism is the combining of different beliefs, merging and assimilating gods and traditions to absorb faiths into your own. Time passes, empires rise and fall, and Ereshkigal evolves and combines (perhaps with Isis from Egypt, with Lilith, from Sumer) and becomes Hecate, three faced. Offerings to Hecate are meant to protect people, homes and places which is why you find her shrines at the entrances to houses and to cities. And crossroads. And why would anyone leave an offering? Because Hecate could be found at places where two roads crossed each other, on tombs, and near the blood of murder victims, and at night she sent demons and phantoms from the Underworld to teach sorcery and witchcraft. And whether it’s just a place far enough away from the settlement to bury those who might be troublesome if they returned, or a place that’s betwixt and between, there’s no doubting the power of the crossroads.
Interlude: The Girl
James Rae Rae James
Delirium Deiderium


Desiderium is a latin word defining desire or longing, especially a feeling of loss or grief for something lost. This Desiderium is a story about long hot summers, council estates and ghosts - a ghost story in a folk horror tradition, but with music a little more progressive and post-rock. Containing 13 pieces featuring both spoken word and instrumental tracks, the album is rooted in personal truth yet interspersed with ancient mythology and history. Partly an insight into his upbringing, growing up through the summers of the mid-Seventies and into the Winter of Discontent and Thatcher’s Britain, the album briefly touches on the loss of his father and grandfather, and subsequently weaves in themes of the living dead and ghosts. It takes its listener down an eery path, the sombre narrative reminiscent of whispered ghost stories captivated by the past.

Showing Influences ranging from progressive rock to trip hop, from Quatermass and The Stone Tape through to Hammer Horror, Kim’s blend of folklore, hauntology and post rock has a clear dystopian influence threading through from start to finish.


releases October 25, 2021

Thanks: Nick Vivian


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Kim Halliday UK

KIM is an award winning media composer & musician working in London. His music is an evolving & revolving mixture of trip hop, reggae and film noir, designed to comfort and disturb in equal measure. His scores have encompassed horror, comedy, drama, musicals and child birth, while his albums have been described as “Sonic Youth meets Bernard Herrmann” and “Face-Bashing All-Out Guitar Assault”. ... more

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